Carrot Cake Cupcakes


Hi guys! So on Sunday I finally had a day off work and decided to spend my day in my pj's baking some cupcakes. My favourite kind of cake has got to be carrot cake, hands down. Luckily for me whilst shopping at ALDI I found a carrot cake mix for 79p (bargain much?!) and thought i'de give it a try. Literally, I never need to buy ingredients again. This is SO good, all you need to add is water and vegetable oil, it is so quick and they taste amazing. For those who don't like carrot cake (like my sister) they also do Ginger cake and Madeira cake, also 79p each. Alongside the cake mix I also bought some walnut pieces to throw in and some Betty Crocker vanilla icing. Yes I know that's kind of cheating, but it tastes so yummy and I just cannot make butter-crème icing no matter now many times I try. I also recommend maybe throwing in an extra dash of cinnamon and maybe even some raisins.

As the mix makes so many cupcakes I opted to only put half in, this still made 10 cupcakes! I put in 100ml of water (as the packet says 200, so I halved it) and 30ml of vegetable oil (again, halved 60). I mixed it all in together and sprinkled a pinch of baking powder to help them rise more. I then spooned the mixture evenly throughout 10 cupcake cases - whilst spilling it everywhere - and popped them in the oven on Gas Mark 5 for 20/25 minutes (pre-heated beforehand ofc).

When the house was filled with a scent of the carrot cake I took them out the oven, make sure they are golden brown and check that the inside isn't gooey with a knife/skewer. They had risen so much, with a little baking powder help. Also, can you see how smooth and rounded they are?! My baking never goes right, but for some reason this cake mix just works perfectly every time. I then left them to cool by the window for about 10 minutes. After they where cold I put my vanilla icing into a piping tube and iced them. By the way, the icing tube is ridiculously hard so I would absolutely recommend a bag instead. As you can see, my icing is absolutely crazy! I just sprinkled some walnuts on the top and they were finished.

Literally, the quickest baking session ever. Will you be trying these mix's? What are your favourite treats to try?
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