Review - MAC Pro Longwear Concealer and Velvet Teddy.


Hi guys! So I know i'm a bit late to the party, but I got paid a bit more than usual after Christmas (retail perks) so I decided to treat myself to some new MAC products. I'm not usually a high-end makeup person, but after years of complaining about every concealer I owned I thought it's time to bite the bullet and just buy the pro-longwear. It's not that expensive so it wasn't to much of a splurge.
Whilst browsing the MAC website I decided I may as well go for Velvet Teddy whilst i'm already buying something, I have seen so many people wearing it and loved the colour, so why not?

Not going to lie, when the products finally arrived I was less than happy about the size of the concealer. However, after trying it out I now know why its so small. Firstly, the consistency is SO thick. I was so careful with my pumps so I wouldn't waste to much product, a little really does go a long way. I firstly primed my eyes with my Fix and Perfect primer and then applied the concealer with my concealer brush under my eyes in a triangular shape. I then proceeded to blend it out with my beauty blender and was in awe at the coverage. I hadn't applied no colour corrector and my dark circles where almost unrecognisable! I use the colour NC15, I was wondering whether NW would be better for my dark circles in terms of colour correcting but the colour is perfect for my skin tone.
The reason I was so excited to try this concealer was the amount of people who claimed it was "creaseless". At first in the excitement of the moment I definitely thought it was a creaseless concealer sent from the gods, however after wearing it for around half an hour I did notice slight creasing. My eyes are naturally creased and I was expecting a bit much for it to be able to remove them, but the concealer didn't gather inside the creases which I was happy about! All in all the concealer is definitely high/buildable coverage, is very long-wearing and almost-creaseless. As far as first impressions go, I am very happy and unless my opinion changes I will probably be re-purchasing.

Moving onto velvet teddy, I liked it. I'm usually sceptical about matte lipsticks (hense me taking a year to try it out) but its definitely more moisturising than I expected. The colour is a muted brown mixed with pink/red. As with all MAC lipsticks, it didn't stay put all day, or even for a couple of hours and I had to re-apply it, but I was already expecting that to happen. For the price point it's not all that impressive, I still feel like I prefer my cheaper Maybelline and Rimmel lipsticks. The thing that cause this hype was probably the fact the colour is actually rather unique, if I could purchase this exact colour in Maybelline/Rimmel it would probably be a constant favourite! It definitely reminds me of my 2014 fave "Velvet Beige" from Maybelline which I can no longer find in superdrug, so I will definitely wear it out!

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  1. Ooo they sound amazing, I need to give them a go! Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)


    1. They are fabulous, I definately recommend the concealer.
      Your blog looks awesome, I will definitely follow you! :) xo

  2. That concealer is seriously so full coverage, it could be a foundation in a tiny super travel-friendly case. I used to live off this concealer because my skin was in HORRIBLE shape so I just caked my face with MAC's concealer, but now I just lightly dab since a little goes such a long way. Great review!

    1. It really is, I believe the foundation could double as a concealer as that's so thick and full coverage also! X