Lulu's Vintage Fair


Hull is desperately lacking in good vintage/thrift stores. There are few, but they really only sell the same things and are really tiny. I was so excited when a vintage fair was coming to our City Hall, it was £2 entry and I was surprised how many stalls there where. The huge hall was filled all around with vintage stalls of clothing, home ware, jewellery etc. There where even baking stalls and a vintage inspired pop-up hair salon. I was absolutely in my element, looking through all the rails for around an hour. In the end I bought an oversized jumper (1st pic) and a couple of absolutely beautiful rings (there was so much choice I could hardly choose!). My main intention was to find the best leather jacket, but instead I bought the best pastel purple fur coat! It was £55, and at first I thought that was rather steep. However, the label was Matthew Williamson! When I checked online all the coats were sold starting from £1000 upwards, I couldn't believe it! it was an absolute perfect fit and I feel as though it was made for me! I feel like such a pastel queen in it and can't wait to style it! 

Thanks for reading guys, whats the best bargain you've ever got?! Comment below! XO

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  1. Oh my word, this look like my dream! Pleased you found some bargains - I love these vintage fairs!


    Harriet Pattison | A UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog