Review - Maybelline Push-Up Drama Mascara.


Hi guys, so I decided to go out and try the newest makeup product everyone is talking about - Maybelline "The Falsies Push Up Drama" mascara. After watching many people on Youtube claim this mascara reminded them of the Benefit "They're Real" I had to try it out as its literally under half the price.

 I bought mine from Asda on a whim whilst buying some chocolate one night for £6 and was so excited to try it out. The packaging of this mascara is honestly lovely. The metallic pink and red really compliment each other well, something to be happy about if your into packaging! The wand is plastic (I usually stay away from plastic wands) but after hearing about the "hooks" on the bristles I thought this may bring something different that I haven't tried yet. As you can see from my photo, there really aren't any noticeable hooks at all which disappointed me. Honestly, it is just another plastic wand that gathers to much product.

When applying it to my eyelashes I knew from the first stroke this was definitely not my favourite mascara, or anywhere close. Due to the amount of product gathered when you put it on your eyelashes absolutely no separation occurs, all of your eyelashes just clump together. In terms of length, my eyelashes where such a clumpy mess I couldn't notice any lengthening that could have possibly redeemed this mascara at all, even when separated with a dry wand my opinion didn't improve. This mascara also (for me) produced no volume.

My eyelashes are naturally short and have no curve to them, so when this claimed it would "push up" my lashes I was hopeful, only to be disappointed. I am guessing all the reviewers I watched on YouTube had naturally beautiful eyelashes to begin with or were sponsored to advertise it, because I was just not getting the same outcome. The consistency and the time it took the mascara to dry absolutely sealed in my mind that I will never re-purchase this mascara, or maybe never actually use it again. I waited around five minutes for my eyelashes to be fully dry, in which time the product smudged and left marks on my upper eyelid.

On my second eye I placed a small amount of a dried out mascara just to separate my eyelashes and then layered the falsies on top, to which it did work slightly better. So I suppose that can count as something.

I am so happy I didn't pay a lot for this mascara or I would be a lot more disappointed than I am right now. In a nut shell, it was clumpy, took a long time to dry and did nothing it said it would really. Therefor it is safe to say that I did not have the pleasant experience others have had and I will stay using my Lash Sensational.

Thanks for reading guys, what where your experience's with this mascara like? Do you have any mascara recommendations I could try out? Leave a comment below!

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