Mini Missguided Haul


So MissGuided is currently offering 25% Student Discount so I just had to take advantage! I initially was going to just buy this jacket that I have been eyeing up for the longest time, but the "Free Next Day Delivery on Orders over £60" caught my eye, and I ended up with more than anticipated. But who's complaining?
This time of year is my least favourite in terms of shopping, you can't buy summer clothes but it's pointless buying winter clothes. So the first thing I added to my basket was this beautiful teal suedette biker jacket. I initially wanted the mustard one that literally everyone seems to have, but the colour of this one caught my eye and i'm so glad as it is so beautiful. It sits so wonderfully, it is a lot less structured than leather bikers but will be so perfect for spring and cold summer nights as it's so lightweight. I'm also planning on wearing it now with some pleather skinnies and a turtle neck, I am so excited about this.
The two top's I bought are quite basic t-shirts, I am definitely more of a wear for comfort person. I love being able to throw on simple items that still look good. They were only £12/15 each so how could I say no? I was especially excited for the long-sleeved raglan t-shirt. However when it arrived I noticed one sleeve was about 7cm longer than the other? Which is so strange, so i'm going to have to send it back to exchange for another. As for the black one, I was torn between just keeping the sleeves rolled or cutting it into a muscle-tee, what do you think would be best?
Lastly, I bought some new shoes. I am never and have never been the type of person to wear any shoes other than converse, maybe some basic gladiators on summer. But these caught my eyes, the beautiful rose gold colour absolutely makes them stand out from anything. This style of shoe was so popular last year and is obviously going to be just as big this spring/summer! I am still wondering how I would style these, but i'm always up for a challenge! How gorgeous are these purchases though? I also only spent £63, so it's quite a bargain!
How would you style the rose gold shoes? Comment below, thanks for reading!:)

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