~ What I Got For My Birthday


Hi Guys! So it was recently my birthday, I turned 20 and I feel so old :( i'm not really liking not being a teenager anymore, i'll be 40 before I know it! Anyway, this is a post I decided to do about things I got for my birthday. Not gonna lie, I mostly got a bit of money off my family members as they didn't know what to get me anymore, given then I am SO old! However I got some lovely little gifts off my close family. Hope you enjoy reading, this may even give you inspiration of what to get someone for their birthday!

I firstly got a set of Colony candles, and they smell so lovely. It was the Christmas edition and it really made me feel festive. I love candles and my bedroom to smell nice so these were a lovely thoughtful gift. The scents are Toasted Cinnamon which is very musky and spicy, one of my favourite Christmas scents! Gold, frankincense and myrrh, this smells creamy and almost firey, it really compliments the cinnamon when they are lit together. The third candle is hollyberry, this is the perfect fruity scent! Most fruity candles are more spring/summer scents but this is so wintery and festive!

From my sister I got a Library of Fragrance Gingerbread scent, also tying in with Christmas. My favourite Yankee Candles are always the cake scents that smell like freshly baked food, and this is exactly like that! It honestly smells like a vanilla/gingerbread cake, I love it! I spray my clothes with it, my bedding and just everywhere in my room! 

Lastly off my parent's I got YSL Black Opium perfume, after everyones hype I had to try it out and OH MY GOODNESS, it smells divine! I have never smelt anything as lovely as this, and nothing as unique either! I think this has got to be my new favourite scent. I got the 50ml gift set so it came with a YSL nail varnish, which is also lovely. It is just a sheer nude/beige colour, but I enjoy layering it so it looks a bit more pigmented.
Other than these I also got a lot of chocolate, some pyjamas and bath sets. I had a lovely birthday and am so grateful for everything I received. Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading. Comment and follow! XO

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