The Best and Worst of Coachella 2015.


Hello Lovelies.
So Coachella is over for another year and everyone (including myself) can stop sobbing about not being there. For me, Coachella is the dominating event for Spring/Summer Fashion spotting. Every year I love looking as the celebz styles. Some are good, some are bad, and that is exactly what this post is about. I will be discussing the best and worst dressed of 'Chella 15.


Alexa Chung

This floor length gyspy dress is everything and more. As if she wasn't already a Goddess? I love how simple she has kept it with the "daisy chain" and simple shopper bag. In comparison to everyone's extensive efforts to be extravagant, Alexa looks absolutely stunning keeping it all basic.

 Jourdan Dunn

I think it is safe to say she is the reigning Queen of Coachella 15. A simple all black outfit is good any day, but the hat and statement necklace give this everyday look the perfect festival vibe. I literally need this outfit in my life.

And this play-suit as well! Literal LIFE is being given with these looks. The crochet is so on trend for the summer and the gladiators give her a bohemian vibe. But foremost I am here for that hair! The purple brings the whole outfit together and I think this may be the #1 favourite look of this years event. 

 Katy Perry

Katy brought it. How beautiful and effortless is this outfit? The sheer dress itself is so simple but beautiful and elegant. With the braid crown and the red lip for colour; I love it.

Kendall Jenner

Sooo many best dressed celebrities I can hardly function. Kendall's outfits were a bit "love or hate" for me but this one I loved. Firstly, one of my favourite things for Summer is an off the shoulder gypsy top. A high waist maxi skirt complete with a body chain. I just can't fault this outfit at all. 

Zoë Kravitz

I love Zoe anyway so this choice could be a bit biased, but this outfit is fabulous. Taking a more grungy approach to Coachella and absolutely working it. The platform boots are a win in any situation but I love the simple plaid play-suit. Her beauty is so effortless she could make a bin-bag look good.


Oh Bey, isn't she fabulous. A wonderful outfit, but probably only included because she is Beyonce and how could you not include Beyonce on a best dressed list? Maxi-dress? Win. Thigh-high slit? Win. Waistcoat? Win. Hat? Win. Everything just wins.


Paris Hilton

I think the dress speaks for itself as to why it is on the Worst Dressed list. But the cat ears? I just can't.

Kylie Jenner

Lets just ignore Khloe's bodacious self for a second and concentrate on Kylie Jenner looking a mess. If i'm being brutally honest. Her hair looks great but from her giant lips down it all goes kind of wrong. Let's all first comprehend the fact that she is 17! She is wearing a sheer catsuit with literally just her underwear. Is she Nicki Minaj? No she isn't. Therefor this attempt  of being original has failed so bad it kind of angers me.

Kylie (again) and Kendall

I literally can't believe I am putting Kylie on here twice. Usually she is so on-point with her outfits, I don't know what happened. Firstly the hair, excellent. I actually love it. To bad it was a wig. But the rest is so wrong I don't even know how to describe it. I don't know what I hate about it, I just hate it. 
As for Kendall, i'm just not loving the knee length denim shorts. I am not loving the weird waistcoat she has on, I love the boots but the rest is a mess.

Thanks for reading guys, hope it was a fun read. Please follow for frequent posts on whoever knows what! Comment below telling me your opinions on my opinions, who was your best and worst dressed? :) XO

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  1. Great post love seeing all the amazing outfits from Coachella! I'm obsessed! Would love to go one day! xxx


  2. Great post love seeing all the amazing outfits from Coachella! I'm obsessed! Would love to go one day! xxx